05 Mar 2021
Fastuna DIY: upgrade with new possibilities
Fastuna DIY — is a solution which allows you to ask your target audience up to 15 questions of your choice.

DIY is often used for the tasks that are not covered by standard Fastuna solutions. Our clients use DIY for a broad variety of tasks: from mini Usage & Attitude studies to quick figures for PR campaigns, celebrity preferences to gathering information about a category or a specific group of consumers. Check out our case studies where the DIY solution was used.

Once you build your own questionnaire, it will take you 10−15 min to launch the project. You can track the project in real time. The outputs such as an online dashboard, data and crosstabs in Excel, statistical analysis, pdf and ppt are available immediately once the project is finished.

Find tips on how to write your questionnaire here.
So, what’s new?
1. Survey questions
  • You can now have your welcome message on a separate screen rather than together with the first question.
  • You can now use up to two scaled questions (20 statements in total) rather than just one.
  • You can have more complex conditions for showing a question i.e. show a question only to those who like xxx or those who did not reject yyy.
  • You can show stimulus in a separate window. Click on "Information" to display stimuli. This will help when respondents need to answer a question from their memory. For example, with such questions as "What does the picture communicate to you?".
  • Use one click to copy questions and answer options.
  • Use drag and drop to change the order of questions.
2. Answer options
  • Now you can use up to 15 answer options (previously 10) for single and multi code questions.
  • You can now add images next to the text in single code and multi code questions i.e. for brand recognition or a celebrity test.
  • Fix certain answers at the bottom of the list. For example, answers such as 'Other', 'Not sure' or 'None of the above' will always stay at the bottom of the list when other answers are being rotated.
3. Project launch
  • Check the questionnaire before going live.
  • Save your projects as drafts. It is especially useful when you are working on a questionnaire and have to run it by your colleagues
4. Report
  • Now you can also view the responses distribution for the scale questions in addition to Top2.
  • You will see information about the respondent base who answered the question beneath the charts.

Our DIY solution is available in 29 countries. Check it out!
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